A Bit About Me

I believe that information should be easy to find and accessible to anyone anywhere.

I am a:

  • Tea drinker
  • To do list lover
  • Shorter big sister
  • Slight procrastinator
  • Sap for romantic movies
  • Dog lover and puppy cuddler
  • Occasional reader of books
  • Country and pop music listener
  • Mainly morning or early evening person
  • Lover of my dad’s homemade chips
  • Shooter of arrows with my bow
  • Lover of the color blue
  • Collector of thimbles
  • Airboat driver
  • Glasses wearer
  • Problem solver
  • Small business owner
  • Web Designer

When people ask what I do, the simple answer is I build websites and post on social media. However, it’s a lot more than that. I build sensible websites that are user-friendly and show the feeling of your business or organization. I also manage social media accounts for businesses and organizations.

I have always wanted to make things easier for people. One way I can do that is by giving my clients a great experience and results.

My motto: If you are going to do the work, why not take the extra time and make it great.